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I have been a very keen motorcyclist most of my life, pretty much since I was 16 I have never not owned a motorcycle, I love them, and explaining really doesn't do it justice. I have raced super singles with my brothers and had fun in the dirt, sure we did some silly shit but we were never stupid and on the road you're expecting everyone else to be a stupid shit, and that brings me to my point. It is abundantly clear that you are vulnerable on a motorcycle, so to now pass vehicles on the left, is just so incredibly stupid. You have to be a complete idiot to do that, and now that cycle lanes exist it certainly doesn't give you any protection let alone right to use it. Someone needs to turn left or decide to park and you are fucked, and I mean proper fucked. The first rule of the road is keep left pass right... I saw a woman turn left off Albert rd this morning and run some clown and his scooter into the pavement, picking himself up he proceeded to scream at her, with one quick slap to his face she put paid to his shit, and he got off lightly, had it been someone not so sweet he may have ended up in critical care. There are some things in life you develop a healthy respect for, and one is that your shell is a lot softer and breakable than a large metal object like a motor vehicle.  I have often hear bikers complain about not being seen by motorists, and sadly this is often true, but riding down the left of vehicles... well you're begging not to be seen and spending some time in hospital.

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"It will be officially presented at the Tokyo motorcycle show (from Oct. 27 to Nov. 11). In the "revival" style, Yamaha shows us a cafe racer pôwered by a good looking V-Twin engine, this is a prototype (not a concept) so it can be released soon...


In the image of Yamaha’s first 4-stroke model, the XS-1 (650cc), released in 1970. Its design is full of XS-1 DNA, in its simplicity and functional beauty and finds new refinement in a retro-modern aesthetic. It is a model that proposes a very Yamaha and very Japanese vision of premium motorcycling life, bringing together the unique characteristics of a 1,000cc air-cooled, V-twin model with its strong pulse feeling and easy-going running performance in a finely crafted body that is lightweight and slim and defined by a low seat height."

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The newest project bike at BCR Designs (Benjie's Cafe Racer) is named the Velocita D’Epoca. Directly translated from Italian to mean “vintage speed,” we literally could not think of a more fitting name for this late ‘90s Ducati sportsbike converted to the stylings of a 1950s-era British Cafe Racer.

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