Greasers Garage



1. No knobblies Rain tires permitted. Knobblies, will tear up the track rendering it useless, and pretty much end the day.

2. If you damage the track with water, gas, antifreeze or poor sportsmanship, you will be black flagged!

3. All bikes MUST have catch cans to collect the radiator overfull, engine and excess as from carburetor.

4. All pits must have an extinguisher.

5. No electricity is provided. Gas-powered generators are allowed. Battery powered electrical sources are permitted.

6. Participants will load in the marked area.

7. Heats are 4 riders per. Starts will be by green flag.

8. No alcohol is allowed in the pits.

9. All riders must wear helmets, long sleeves, gloves and ankle high boots. It is suggested that knee, neg and elbow braces be worn.

10. All bikes must have headlights/tail lights/turn signals taped and covered. NO KICKSTANDS.

11. Left foot-peg must be padded and taped up or removed.

12. ALL persons in the pits must sign liability waiver.

13. Posted line up can change at prompter’s discretion.

14. No refunds or exchanges.

15. no whining