Greasers Garage

Godden 250 Speedway bike

"The Saggy"

This Godden rolling chassis was donated to us by the awesome Saggerson family, hence we called it `'The Saggy``.  Since Milo has been a small child, he's always dreamed of riding a Speedway bike.  This fortuitous donation came about when Greasers held a Speedway talk at the WMC and the Saggerson boys, Harry and Oliver and Harry's girlfriend Sandy arrived and we all got chatting.  They mentioned this to their father Andy, and he kindly gave Milo the rolling chassis to build this 250cc Yamaha training bike.  It's been a very steep learning curve in building and learning to ride and was ridden for the first time by Milo at our last Dust Shake event.


We are hoping that riding it will become a more frequent event.  And we would like to thank the Saggersons again for gifting this to us!